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LexisNexis is using its analytical tools to monitor which politicians are dominating the UK news. The results are freely available to the media and the public and will be updated daily.

Which politicians are dominating the news?

This is a live graph that displays the number of articles published by the British press* over the past 3 days that refer to, or quote, the MP. The LexisNexis Analytics monitor tracks 71 MPs including Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members. View high-level statistics by moving your mouse over each of the charts.

*taken from the LexisNexis press database

The top 10 politicians dominating the news

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Behind each chart lies a collection of headlines and editorial that will give you the background you need to explore the stories in depth. If you are interested in using our live graphs covering the Party Conferences 2012 - or want access to the background info -
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